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MITCHELL   (Militia Map)


GRADY  (Militia Map)





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DOUGHERTY (Obits)  (Militia Map)








BAKER  (Militia Map)


COLQUITT (Militia Map)



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South Georgia Newspapers

Albany, Americus, Thomasville, Valdosta


Georgia’s Virtual Vault  (Scroll down to Death Certificates)


Death Certificates 1919 - 1927


Death Certificates 1928 - 1930 Non Indexed


Death Certificates 1928 – 1938,  1939 –1942 has been added  (Create free account to search)



Marriage Records from Microfilm



Military Records (formerly - Subscription)



1940 Enumeration Districts Descriptions




District 101-1 Militia District 625 Baconton, Baconton Town


District 101-2 Militia District 625 Baconton Outside Baconton Town, Dewitt, Flint


District 101-5 Militia District 1033 Branchville


District 101-10 Militia District 1173 Camilla Outside Camilla City S and E of State Road 97, S of State Road 37, and W of Atlantic Coastline Railroad


District 101-6 Militia District 1173 Camilla, Camilla City, Mitchell County Jail


District 101-7 Militia District 1173 Camilla Outside Camilla City E of Atlantic Coastline Railroad, Mitchell County Poor Farm


District 101-8 Militia District 1173 Camilla Outside Camilla City W of Atlantic Coastline Railroad and NE of State Road 37


District 101-9 Militia District 1173 Camilla Outside Camilla City SW of State Road 37 and N and W of State Road 97


District 101-21 Militia District 1699 Hinsonton


District 101-3 Militia District 791 Maples, Cotton Town


District 101- 4 Militia District 791 Maples Outside Cotton Town


District 101-16 Militia District 1299 Parker, Vada (Part)


District 101-17 Militia District 1548 Pebble City


District 101-11 Militia District 1194 Pelham, Meigs Town (Part)


District 101-12 Militia District 1194 Pelham, Pelham City E of Atlantic Coastline Railroad


District 101-13 Militia District 1194 Pelham, Pelham City W of Atlantic Coastline Railroad, Pelham City Jail


District 101-14 Militia District 1194 Pelham Outside Pelham City N of Road from bridge at E boundary of Militia District via Pelham City, Glad Place, and Mt. Olive Church to W boundary of Militia District


District 101-15 Militia District 1194 Pelham Outside Pelham City and Meigs Town s of road from bridge at E boundary of Militia District via Pelham City, Glade Place, and Mt. Olive Church to W boundary of Militia District


District 101-20 Militia District 1611 Raiford                


District 101-18 Militia District 1603 Sale City, Sale City Town


District 101-19 Militia District 1603 Sale City Outside Sale City Town



Districts of Connecting Counties to Mitchell County



District 136-26 Militia District 1508 Meigs, Meigs Town (Part)


District 136-27 Militia District 1508 Meigs Outside Meigs Town




District 65-14 Militia District 1440 Spence NE of Newton Thomasville Road from N boundary of District to E boundary of District, Spence (Part)


District 65-15 Militia District 1440 Spence SW of Newton Thomasville Road from N boundary of district to E boundary of District Spence (Part)


District 65-3 Militia District 621 Lime Sink


District 65-16 Militia District 1507 Blowing Cave


DECATUR COUNTY                                                                   


District 43-20 Militia District 1646 Parker




District 4-1 Militia District 900


District 4-4A Militia District 971 Outside Newton City W of Albany-Clearlake Road and Bridge-Camilla Road and S of Johnson Bridge Road


District 4-5 Militia District 1183




District 47-17 Militia District 945 Outside Albany City of Central of Georgia Railway


District 47-19 Militia District 1097 Outside Albany City SW of  Georgia Northern Railway






District 35-18 Militia District 1482 Thigpen


District 35-20 Militia District 1510 Hartsfield W of Thigpen Trail, Hartsfield


District 35-21 Militia District 1538 Hamilton




District 159-8 Militia District 1124 Cordy


District 159-17 Militia District 1594 Bridgeboro, Bridgeboro

Mitchell County Genealogy Society

DeSoto Trail Regional Library

Book List of County Histories


Footprints of Appling County 1818 – 1978                                        Ruth T. Brown


History of Alma and Bacon County, Georgia                                                Bonnie Taylor Baker


The History of Baker County, Georgia (2 copies)


History of Baldwin County, Georgia                                                            Cook


Beadland to Barrow – A History of Barrow Co., Georgia                        Ingram


History of Bartow County, Georgia Formerly Cass County             Lucy J. Cunyers


History of Macon (Bibb County) and Central Georgia            Middle Georgia Genealogical Society


History of Brooks County 1858 – 1948                                        Huxford


Burke County, Georgia 1777 – 1850                                                    Albert M. Hillhouse


History of Catoosa County, Georgia 1853 – 1953                            Susie B. McDaniel


History of Charlton County                                                             McQueen


A History of Savannah and South Georgia                                      Harden


A History of Chattahoochee County, Georgia                                    Rogers


This So Remote Frontier –

The Chattahoochee County of Alabama and Georgia                        Mark E. Fretwell


A Chronicle of Clinch County                                                   Kenneth W. Bennett


The History of Clay County                                                                 Clay County Library


The First Hundred Years –

A Short History of Cobb County in Georgia                                                Sarah Blackwell


Ward’s History of Coffee County                                                 Warren P. Ward


History of Colquitt County                                                                        W. A. Covington


Crisp County History in Pictures and Stories            Cordele Crisp County Historical Society


Crisp County Georgia Historical Sketches            W. P. Fleming


History of Dade County, Georgia            Retired Volunteers Program


History of Dodge County            Mrs. Wilton Phillip Cobb


Historical and Genealogical Collections of

Dooly County, Georgia, Vol. I, II, III            Nora And Watts Powell


History and Reminiscences of Dougherty County Georgia            Thronateeska Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution


Inventory of the County Archives of Georgia No.47           

Dougherty County (Albany)            The Georgia Historical Records Survey


Historical Background of Dougherty County, Georgia 1836 – 1940

                                                                                                Compiled by Works Progress Administration


Albany On The Flint 1836-1936            Mary Ellen Bacon


Collection of Early County Historical 1971 Vol. 1

Collection of Early County Historical 1979 Vol. 2

Collection of Early County Historical 2002 Vol. 3            Early County Historical Society


History of Elbert County, Georgia 1790 -1935             John H. McIntosh           


Footprints Along The Hoopee –

A History of Emanuel County 1812 – 1900                            James E. Dorsey


A History of Rome and Floyd County Georgia                        George M. Battey, Jr.  


Pioneer  History of Forsyth County 1832 – 1860 Vol. 1   Don L. Shadbury


Official History of Fulton County                                     Walter G. Cooper


History of Greene County Georgia            Dr. Thaddeus Brockett Rice & Carolyn White Williams


History of Gwinnett County Georiga – Vol.1, 1818-1943    James C. Flanigan

The History of Hall County, Georgia, Vol. 1, 1818-1900               James E. Dorsey


Hancock County, GA Vol. I, History, Heritage and Records                       Smith

Hancock County, GA Vol. II, Ancestors, Families and Genealogies     


 History of Harris County Georgia, 1827 – 1961                         Louise C. Barfield


Henry County Georgia – The Mother of Counties                                   Vessie T. Rainer


A Land So Dedicated – Houston County, Georgia                                    Bobbe Smith Hickson


History of Irwin County                                                             J. B. Clements


Historical Notes on Jackson County Georgia                                                Frank Elrod


History of Jefferson County                                                             Mrs. Z. V. Thomas


History of Jones County, Georgia 1807-1907 Bicentennial Edition  Carolyn W. Williams     


The History of Lamar County                                                              Augusta Lambdin

                                                                                                            Mrs. Edward A. Fish


History of Lee County            Lee County Historical Society


Lincoln County Genealogy and History            Robert S. Davis, Jr.

                                                                                                            James E. Dorsey


History of Lowndes County Georiga, 1825 – 1941            Mrs. Fred H. Hodges, Sr.

History of Lumpkin County

For The First Hundred Years, 1832 –1932            Andrew W. Cain


Macon County Life 1933 – 1983            Dean Fowler


History of Macon County Georgia            Louise F. Hays


The History of Madison County            Paul Tabor


Brooks of Honey and Butter -

Plantations and People of Meriwether County , Georgia Vol. I, II            William H. Davidson           


The History of Miller County Georgia 1856 – 1980            Colquitt Garden Club


The History of Mitchell County, GA  1857 – 1976 (2 Copies)            Margaret Spence

                                                                                                            Anna M. Fleming

From Stage Coaches To Train Whistles            Mildred Jackson Cole

                                                                                                            Mt. Enon Historical Society


Monroe County, Georgia  - A History            Monroe County Historical Society           


Montgomery County Georgia Genealogy and History            James E. Dorsey

                                                                                                            John K. Derden


History of Peach County Georgia            Governor Treutlen Chapter DAR


History of Pickens County            Luke E. Tate


History of Pierce County Georgia, Volume I            Dean Broome


History of Pike County Georgia 1822 – 1932            Lizzie R. Mitchell


Randolph County, Georgia            Randolph County Historical Society


Memorial History of August, Georgia (Richmond County)             Charles C. Jones


A History of Rockdale County            Margaret G. Barksdale, E. L. Cowan, Frances A. King


The History of Stephen County Georgia            Kathryn C. Trogdon


History of Stewart County, Volume 1            Helen Eliza Terrill


History of Stewart County, Volume 2            Sara Robertson Dixon

                                                                                                            & A. H. Clark


History of Sumter County, Georgia            Jack F. Cox


History of Plains, Georgia            Plains Historical Preservation Trust


History of Telfair County From 1812-1945            Floris Perkins Moore



Ochlocknee, Land of Crooked Waters            Georgia Beatrice Griffin

Heritage of Tift Co., GA 1905- 2003, Vol. 1            Tift County Heritage Book Committee


History of Tift County            Ida Belle Williams


Collections o Twiggs Countians – Here and There            Kathleen Jones Carswell


History of Twiggs County Georgia            J. Lanette O’neal Faulk & Billy Walker Jones


History of Turner County            John Ben Pate


The Early History of Upson County Georgia            Carolyn Walker Nottingham & Evelyn Hannah


Walker County Georgia Heritage 1833 – 1983            Walker County Historical Committee & Historical Society


Wayfarers in Walton – A History of Walton County 1818 –1967            Anita B. Sams


History of Ware County            Mrs. J. L. Walker


History of Washington County            Ella Mitchell


History of Webster County Georgia            Weston Woman’s Club


Official History of Whitfield County Georgia            Whitfield County History Commission


Chronicles of Wilkes County, Georgia From

Washington’s Newspapers 1889-1898            Mary B. Warren


Early Georgia Wills and Settlements of Estates – Wilkes County            Sara Quinn Smith


Wilkinson County Georgia Historical Collections             Joseph T. Maddox


History of Wilkinson County            Victor Davidson


History of Worth County Georgia

For The First Eighty Years 1854 – 1934  (3 copies)            Lillie Martin Grubbs

History of Worth County Georgia, Index, Vol.II